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Take your sugar skills to the Next Level


Zero to Caker

Have you seen those cake videos on Instagram, Facebook, and everywhere else on the internet? You know the ones where they speed up the process so you can see how it all comes together? Of course you have!


If you're anything like me, you've probably thought to yourself:

I can totally do thatOk, maybe I haven't made a cake like that before, but I'm crafty. I mean, how hard can it be?


Famous last words, am I right?

I bet maybe you've even bought some of the tools you thought you needed, because you were definitely going to make your kiddo's next birthday cake! Then reality set in and you didn't know where to start. Don't tell me I'm the only one with a craft graveyard in the back of an overfilled closet.

Here's the thing though, I know that if you just had the right basic skills and tools, you can totally make those cakes! All it takes is knowing where to start and a little bit, ok maybe a lot, of practice.


I've spent so many years finding my way through this cake world. I've tried, tested, failed, and tried again many times. It was hard! I've watched videos and pieced things together. I've wasted money on products that just didn't work. But friend, it doesn't have to be hard for you too!

I've condensed all of these years of trial and error into a brand new, 6 week course. Choosing the right recipes, frosting your cakes, decorating with buttercream or fondant, presenting your work. All things we'll cover. Things I wish someone had laid out for me when I started.


Now, this isn't a "you'll learn everything you need to know forever and ever" type of course. What you gain from this course should be a launching point to making better, more amazing cakes. The techniques we'll cover will you get you started, and it will take practice to improve. But don't all good things?

Whether you want to just make beautiful cakes for your family, or turn this into a full blown business, I want to help you love to cake.

Who is this course for?

Whether you've never decorated a cake before, or if you've done a few but still need help with the basics, this one is for you!

How does it all work?

The course consists of 6 core videos, all available immediately after registration. Each video page includes links and resources to everything referenced in the videos!

Bonus content, live q&a sessions and ALL NEW course challenges will be delivered through the exclusive Zero to Caker Facebook group.

How will I access the course?

All the content and resources will be available right here on the website. Course members will receive a login to access the content for the entire life of the course!

Will you be there to help?

Of course! When you sign up, you'll get access to the exclusive Zero to Caker Facebook group. Each week we'll focus on a different aspect of caking, as well as be there to support and cheer each other on. 

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