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Piper Area of Kansas City, KS 66109

A new era of Ashley's Purple Apron has begun, and with that a new outlook on custom cakes is here! I would love to design your next special cake!

Please take the time to read through the following guidelines before submitting the form below and I'm sure we'll have a great time working together!

1. General themes, color schemes, etc. are welcome, but I will no longer accept orders for any sort of copyrighted characters or trademarked materials. 

2. Feel free to attach inspiration images that are the look and feel of what you want, but I ask that you trust me with the final design. Every new cake will be a design unique to your order, and not a direct imitation of another artist's work.

3. A lot has changed in the world, and for me personally, since I last offered custom cakes. Please know that pricing has increased and availability will be limited.

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