Easy Recipe Scaler

Easy Recipe Scaler

Dinner for two, or entertaining a crowd? Baking a half batch of cookies for dessert tonight, or a double batch of your favorite cake batter for the birthday on Saturday? The Easy Recipe Scaler has got you covered!  


I developed this document for use in my own kitchen to save time and prevent baking errors, and it has made a world of difference. Now I'm bringing it to you!


Enter your own recipe once, and the Easy Recipe Scaler does the rest! No math errors, no forgetting to adjust ingredients. All in a color coded format for a half batch, single batch, 1.5 batch, and double batch.


Many baking ingredients are pre-filled, or you can enter your own. Not familiar with Excel? No worries! I made a quick video tutorial that walks you through entering and printing your recipes!

  • File Information

    Upon purchase, you will receive a ZIP file that contains the following:

    • Easy Recipe Scaler Excel file
    • A PDF that includes opening instructions and a link to the video tutorial.


    The Excel file is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.