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Tiered Cakes: A Guide to Boxing and Transporting

boxing tiered cakes

Picture this: You've just spent hours and hours finishing off your latest sugar masterpiece, and what comes next? Possibly the most stressful part of caking: boxing up the cake for delivery or transport. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Most traditional cake boxes aren't meant for cakes over 6 inches tall, so what's a caker to do with any cakes [read: most of them] that are taller? Heck, even some of my single tiered cakes have toppers that make them impossible to fit into a regular box.

Enter the corrugated cardboard box. I came up with this solution years ago. I don't really remember if I read it somewhere or if my brilliant mind (haha) just devised this method, but it TOTALLY works! The boxes are reasonably priced and come in multiple cake friendly sizes.

Here's how it goes:

I find that most of my cake boards are 12" or smaller, so I purchase plain white 12x12x12 boxes in bulk here. I like that I can keep them on hand. It's also nice that there's not anything printed on them, except for on the bottom. The few times a year that I need a bigger box, I simply purchase a single, basic moving box from the hardware store or Walmart.

Scenario 1: Let's say that my cake is a tall 7.5" cake on a 10" board. Using a small square of non-skid cabinet liner under the board, I turn the box on it's side and slide the cake in. Tape up the flaps and you're good to go!

Boxing up tall cakes

Scenario 2: The more likely scenario. My cake is on a 10" board again and is just slightly, ok, well over 12" tall. Those decorations, man. They'll get you every time. Here's what you do: tape up the bottom portion of the box and stand it right side up. Take a box cutter or Exacto knife and cut down two corners of the box to create a flap that opens up the side of the box. You can now add your non-skid liner, slide the cake in from the side, tape it closed, and leave the top open. The sides get taped up with my favorite purple masking tape (why not?), and can be easily opened at the venue.

Boxing up tall cakes

Your cake will stay protected and even insulated a bit while it travels to its destination. And even better? The presentation of the cake is just that much better when it shows that you took the time and care to package it nicely.

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