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Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee

On any given sunny day from about April through October, you can bet that I'll find 15 minutes after lunch to sneak out to our deck and sit in the sun with a big glass of cold brew iced coffee. The deck off of our kitchen faces east and is completely lovely in the evenings, but at 1 o'clock in the afternoon it's in direct sunlight and is scorching in every sense of the word. But man, those few minutes of hot sun with a cool drink in my hand are an instant mood enhancer. It's the afternoon pick me up I usually need.

Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee

Now, I know that you can purchase cold brew coffee just about anywhere these days but it's insanely easy (and cheap!) to make at home. I started making it years ago using a large recipe I found online, but it simply made too big of a batch for my liking and it was super messy by the time I used different pitchers and filters to finish out the batch. So I started searching Amazon for something I could use to simplify things. Low and behold, I found this stainless steel filter and pour cap that fit the 2 quart Mason jars I already had. (This link is an affiliate link to the full set, but you can purchase the filter individually if you already have the jar and lid.)

Small batch cold brew

To start your cold brew, you'll need a 2 quart mason jar, the stainless steel filter you see above, a pour cap (optional, but super helpful,) and 4 oz. of your favorite ground coffee. I like Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend. I don't usually measure out my coffee ahead of time. I just place the filter in the jar, and put the whole thing on my kitchen scales.

Small Batch Cold brew Coffee

Add coffee grounds until you reach 4 ounces. The filter will be about 3/4 full. Pour cold water over the grounds until the jar is full.

Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee

Then place the lid on and wait. Leave the jar to rest about 8 hours or overnight on the counter. The next day you'll have lovely, dark coffee.

Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee

Remove the filter and dispose of the coffee grounds inside. Rinse and wash the filter for next time. Top off the jar with water and stash it in the fridge. The coffee is very concentrated at this point. When you're ready to drink it, you'll want to dilute it to about 2/3 coffee to 1/3 water or milk. (I prefer milk+ice, and nothing else.) You can also add your favorite flavoring, creamer, or sweetener. It's that simple!

I demonstrated how I make my cold brew over on a Facebook Live last spring, so if you're more a video type person, you can watch below:

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