Piping Tips Organized!

If you're into piping frosting of any kind, you've probably got quite the collection of tips, bags, and couplers going. And, if you're anything like me, then you probably feel your anxiety level rising every time you think about adding one more tiny piece to your collection. Why? Because they're hard to organize!

I spent years just tossing the loose tips and couplers into a lidded container, then digging though every. single. tip. when I was looking for a specific one. Ugh, it was a bit of a nightmare. That is, until one day I found THE PERFECT container for them! You see, I was never a fan of the specialty containers that had a spot for each individual tip. Too much non-sense. I mean, what happens when you fill that thing up? What happens when you have multiples of the same tip? I don't want a bunch of those things cluttering up my already limited storage space! Just, no. I needed a middle of the road option. Some organization, but still the ability to just toss them in. Enter this little guy.

As I was strolling through the aisles of Target one day, I happened upon him. It hit me right then and there that it this the solution I didn't know I needed. But really, I find things on every Target trip that I didn't know I needed. #amirght

He's made by Sterilite, and can be found at your local Target or right here on Amazon*. The lid latches, and there's several compartments on the inside that can be moved or removed, and used for anything small that needs organizing. Enter my piping collection.

I basically divided them into categories that made sense, and dropped them in as follows:

1. Piping bags, and extruder pieces that also needed a home

2. 1M tips. I have A LOT of these from teaching classes, so they get their own spot.

3. Russian tips and XL tips.

4. Flower tips. (Drop, Petal, and Leaf)

5. All other Large tips.

6. Round Tips.

7. Star tips.

8. Couplers of all sizes.

You can see how many tips I have in there already, and there's plenty of room for more. I'm confident I'll be able to use this container for a long time. It's been working really well for me for awhile now, so I thought I'd share!

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