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Mom's Birthday Cake

About a year ago, I introduced a little program in my custom cake business. I've been making cakes for customers for awhile, and there's something in particular that I've noticed over the years. Something that tugged on my heart, and I felt like it was something I had the power to change.

Mom's Birthday. We celebrate our kids, our husbands, our own parents, our coworkers and everyone else. But who is celebrating the lady that organizes all of that? What do you do for your own birthday? That's what I thought.

Mommas, let's start showing ourselves some love. Let's celebrate the fact that God gave us another year on this earth. Celebrate the fact that you made it through another year of motherhood, your career, loss, divorce, or things harder than you ever thought possible. CELEBRATE!

I lovingly call the program Mom's Birthday Cakes. The idea came to me after making my own birthday cake for the last few years. Why? Because I wanted something pretty that was just for me. A way for my family and I to take a moment to celebrate my birthday. I don't care that I have to do the work, because I get to make it EXACTLY how I want it. No one else gets input on the design or flavor.

How do I make the program work?

Now that I've explained my "why," I thought it might be helpful to tell you how I make it work in my custom cake business.

Well, this program is exclusively for existing customers. Specifically ones that have ordered within the last 12 months. Minimum dollar amounts do not apply to these orders, but they are subject to availability on the calendar and must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. They're usually an all buttercream design, serving up to 12 people, but as little as 5-8.

If a mom wants to order her own cake, awesome! If she'd rather send me some ideas and then drop some strong hints to her husband, bff, mom, dad, sister, partner, kids, that's fine too! I simply want to serve my people in the best way I know how: with cake!

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