Life in a Purple Apron

Hello my sweet friends! Thanks for visiting this little blog o'mine. I am so excited to share more of my caking and baking antics with you here. But first, a few fun facts about me.

1. I'm a busy mom to 3 littles, ages 7, 4, and 3. Things get a little crazy up in here from time to time, but we adore the chaos.

2. The hubs and I met in college and have been together ever since, we're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year.

3. I LOVE to bake. Cake, cookies, pastries, anything sweet really. MAJOR sweet tooth here.

4. I am a self taught baker. I have a degree in advertising, but didn't pick up baking until after college.

5. For the last few years, I've ran a successful cake business out of my home. And boy, have I learned a thing or two when it comes to mommying, business, and baking all at the same time.

6. My favorite color is purple. I have loved it forever. We used in our wedding, I have NO shortage of purple clothing, and it's a double bonus that my alma mater (Go Cats!) and my kids' school colors include purple!

So, there you have it. A few things about me. I can't wait to share more of my life in a purple apron!

*Photo of my blonde haired, blue eyed babies courtesy of Meg Shearer Photography

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