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Life Check-in: Winter is hard

I'm writing this as we are getting hit with another winter storm. The question of another snow day tomorrow for the kids is still looming, but it seems very likely. This winter has been brutal here in Kansas City.

For my family, it has not only been the snow days that have been tough, it's also the fact that we've had an endless stream of illnesses circulating through the kids. So even on the weeks that we haven't had winter storms, I've had sick kids at home or we're making a trip to urgent care.

Check that, just got the call that school is canceled for tomorrow. Talk about timing. Eesh.

You see, even as an introvert that is usually very happy to be in my own home, I know that I'm a much better version of myself if I can make time every so often to "be amongst the people." Winter storms + sick kids + a husband that is on an erratic sleep schedule does not lend itself well to that form of self care. Not to mention, WHERE IS THE SUN?? Needless to say, I've found it tough to not slip into a negative space in the last few months.

At this point, I'm aware that I probably sound a little whiny. Don't stop reading yet. I get it, things could be a lot worse. That's why I decided to share two lists with you: one with a positive spin on the things I've said about this winter, and the other with things that have helped me (you know, in case this winter is getting the best of you too.)

What I've said:

You know our work doesn't stop because of the snow. He still has to go to work, and I still have to make cakes.

What I should be saying:

Thank goodness that neither of us have to burn vacation time or lose pay to take care of the kids. I can do my work from home, with the kids right where I can see them.

What I've said:

Our kids are sick, AGAIN!

What I should be saying:

At least all of these urgent care visits aren't costing us a fortune thanks to our health insurance and health savings account.

What I've said:

I'm so done with winter!

What I should be saying:

Ok, I'm gonna give myself this one, because I think it's the general consensus in the Midwest right now.

Things that have helped me this winter:

  1. Get out! Get out of the house. If you start feeling like you need a break, leave. Go to Target for an hour. Unapologetically get coffee on the way home. Even if it's cold. Even if you have a sick kid. The hubs can handle them for an hour. No one is going to die.

  2. Dance it out. Nothing puts me in a better mood than turning on some music that I love and dancing my heart out. The louder the better.

  3. Check something off the list. When I start feeling anxious about being cooped up or thrown off because the kids are home yet again, one thing that helps is to just DO something. Clean the kitchen, pay that bill, bake my orders. Accomplishing even the smallest thing can help. But honestly, the bigger the better.

  4. Get some sun. If you can, get some fresh air with it. If it's just too cold to go out, stand by a window. Soak up the sun. It will help.

  5. Phone a friend. Make a phone call, have a good chat. Even better if that friend can meet you for brunch or happy hour or anything in between. Lean on your friends. Because they get it, and they're probably going through the same things.

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