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I made a tough decision, and this is what happened...

I try to always be honest and straightforward with you guys, mostly because it's too hard to be anything else. The only thing I sugar coat around here are my sweets. ๐Ÿ˜‚

All joking aside, are you ready for today's dose of honesty? This is a hard one to write.

I am stepping away from custom orders.

I am burned out on making custom cakes every week. I am tired of Thursday-Saturday being taken over by orders, leaving no margin for anything else. My heart isn't in it any longer.

I made the decision around December of last year to start slowing down on custom orders in order to lean into teaching and other opportunities. Once I started speaking that decision out loud to others I immediately felt off kilter. I know in my heart that it's the right choice for me and my family, but after building a name for myself making custom cakes over the years I feel like I've lost my way a bit.

In fact, I didn't do a great job of slowing down during the months of January and February, which only led to more discontent. It turns out it's incredibly hard to switch gears like that. My brain's been in a total fog for the last couple of months. Ask my husband. I can't seem to get my butt in gear on the projects I want to focus on, and turning down order after order is mentally exhausting.

I'm trying to give myself grace to find my footing in this new season of life and business, with the goal of no custom orders after the end of the school year. My kids are growing up, and I don't want to miss a thing while they still want me around.

To my loyal customers: You mean the world to me. Thank you for allowing me to play a part in all your special days over the years. It's because of you that this decision has been so hard. Know that it was not made lightly. ๐Ÿ’œ

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