Halloween Fault Line Cake

I'm so stinking excited to share this one with you. I literally sketched this cake out in July, and have been looking forward to making it ever since! With the fault line trend still going strong, I knew a Halloween themed cake would be amazing.

Inspired the catacombs in Paris, I wanted to show what the underground of a graveyard might contain. BTW, I have 100% passed on actually visiting the catacombs every time I've been to Paris. No thank you sir.

Aversion to creepy things aside, I wanted to find a use for some molds I had purchased over the years. You can find similar molds on Amazon* here.

If you want to make this cake yourself, here's what else you'll need:

Crushed Oreos

Black buttercream

2 6x1.5 inch round cakes

2 5x1.5 inch round cakes

Black, brown, and green edible petal dusts

Small amount of ivory color fondant

Chocolate rock candy

Candy melts in white, black, yellow, and chocolate

First things first, I filled these guys with candy melts to make quick work of creating all the skulls and the tombstone for the top. Special note: candy melts only come in a handful of colors, and using gel or liquid colors will cause it to seize. Instead of purchasing specialty candy colors, I usually create the color I need by mixing candy melts. For the tombstones I used black and white candy melts to make grey. For the skulls, I used white, a single yellow wafer, and a single brown wafer to get an aged bone color.

Once the wafers are melted (I use teacups for this part), pour them into piping bags to make it easier to fill the molds. Do not full the skulls all the way full. We need them as flat as possible, without losing the detail on the skull. I filled mine about half way. You'll need about 15-20 to go around the whole cake.

Once I had made all the shapes, I started shading them with some edible petal dust to really bring out the aged look. I love The Sugar Art products for stuff like this, and recommend Turkish Black and Deep Brown. (I actually used some older colors from another brand here, but I'm pretty loyal to The Sugar Art these days.)

Now for the cake. If I wasn't using something as dimensional as the skulls in the fault portion, I would have use all the same size of cakes. However, we need that extra depth so the skulls can nest in there. Stack your cakes with the 6" rounds on top and bottom, and the 5" rounds in the middle. I crumbcoated my cake in chocolate buttercream, then added crushed Oreos® to the fault. This part was a tad messy, but so much fun.

While the cake was chilling, I made my zombie hand. Using a small piece of fondant, work it into a hand shape. Insert a long toothpick or a skewer, then using the same petal dusts as before (I even added some green), make it more zombie-like. The great thing is that it doesn't have to be perfect! I mangled the hand a bit and even cut off part of one of the fingers. Have fun with this part!

At this point, grab your cake again and start adding the skulls. I used a dab of frosting on the backs of them to really secure them to the cake. Chill again, then start applying the black buttercream.

I used a piping bag to get the buttercream along the bottom and the top of the cake, then smoothed them separately. Once everything was covered, I used more buttercream to create a fresh grave for the top and covered it with more crushed Oreos®.

Stick in your tombstone and zombie hand to finish off the top. Then add more crushed Oreos® and chocolate rock candy to garnish around the bottom and around the grave.

There you have it! My new favorite Halloween cake of all time. The hubs had fun helping with dry ice to get the foggy look in the pictures. (It was his idea, and a great one. I really wish I had thought of it myself.)

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