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Cake Room Update: Painted Subfloor

We finally did it! I've been talking about this for literally years at this point, and more and more ever since we finished up our basement. I'm talking about me, getting my own space in our house to work.

Our formal dining room is the area we opted to transform into my cake room because it made the most sense. It's directly off the kitchen, and we've never actually used it as a dining room. I've been using it to store nearly all my supplies for the last couple years, so it was only a matter of time before I fully moved in.

Two main things were holding me back though: carpeted floors (side note: who puts carpet in a dining room??), and the budget to install new flooring. A few months ago I brought the idea of pulling up the carpet and painting out the subfloors as a temporary solution to my husband. He was less than a fan. Give it time, I thought, he'll come around...not so much. In fact he wasn't on board with this idea until he heard me ripping the carpet up. Left with no choice but to help at that point, he joined in and helped with removing the tack strips and prepping the floors for paint.

First things first, I cleaned everything but the furniture out of the room. It was such a catchall for all. the. things. that this step took just as long as pulling up the carpet. The room is open to the kitchen, the entryway, and the stairs going up to the 2nd floor.

This picture was shortly after the hubs joined in. He graciously took my picture as I was ripping the carpet. Before starting, I had a good basic plan for how to go about accomplishing this without moving the furniture completely out of the room. It went something like this:

  1. Rip most of the carpet out, cutting around the furniture.

  2. Prime the floor.

  3. Move the furniture to the middle of the room, rip out the rest of the carpet.

  4. Prime the rest of the room, then paint the outer parts.

  5. Once the paint dried, move the furniture back and paint the main part of the room.

There were a couple other things that we ended up doing along the way. We decided it would be best to caulk the seams and larger holes in the subfloor so crumbs and dirt wouldn't get trapped as bad. Then I decided to give a quick once over with some 60 grit sandpaper on the palm sander. This will hopefully keep most of the splinters down, especially after the paint cures.

Here she is, all primed. We waited overnight to move the furniture, mostly because the kids had gotten home from school and we needed to shift our focus for the rest of the evening.

The next day we finished priming and started painting. Little guy was home from morning preschool in time to help out with the purple paint. He was big time into it until he got paint on his toe, then he was done.

Oh yes, the paint! For those you that might want to try this: I used Valspar Porch, Floor, and Patio Latex Paint in Turbid Amethyst. I probably spent more time deciding what to order at Starbucks the other day than I did picking out this paint color. Sometimes when you know, you know. Also, I just picked a color that closely matched the purple in my branding.

Fortunately, it wasn't super hot the days I painted because the paint off-gassed a lot more than the wall paint we're used to using. Nothing a couple open windows and fan couldn't rectify though.

All in all, I still think it was 100% worth it to use this as a temporary situation until we add in hardwoods next year. I have my space, and I'm all moved in! (More on how I set it all up later.) Hopefully it continues to look presentable for the few months we'll have it!

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