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Cake Room Update: Bye Bye Purple Floors!

Well, it's officially time to say goodbye to my purple subfloors in my cake room. I told you it was only for a few months, didn't I?

We're getting our hardwoods refinished and extended throughout the main level of our home in a few weeks so I wanted to update you guys on how the painted subfloors faired since I ripped up the carpet. (See more on that here.) It's only been about 6 months since I painted the floors, and I've been happily working in there ever since.

THE GOOD: For the most part they have held up REALLY well. Like, better than I ever expected. They've been easy to keep clean, and haven't faded at all. We were initially concerned with the transitions from the hardwoods to the subfloor being a problem, but it turns out they really weren't. I guess that's the benefit of our kids getting older, they're a lot more agile than toddlers! With the exception of one problem area, we haven't had any issues with pieces of the particle board coming up or causing splinters. It doesn't feel great under bare feet, but since I have plantar fasciitis I rarely walk around bare foot anyway.

THE BAD: Before I started on the floors, I had purchased a

drafting chair on casters to use in the cake room. The chair is perfect, comfortable, and exactly what I needed in that space. The casters and the painted flooring however, were not friends. The casters quickly damaged the floors wherever they rolled, leaving remnants of primed and/or bare flooring behind. What makes it worse is that during this time we also got a new puppy, who figured out that she could chew on those loose, damaged pieces and further expose the subfloors. So, not great. I suppose I could have gotten some kind of floor protector to put down, but the point of this whole project was cheap and temporary, so I let it go.

All in all, I think we (I) made the right choice to rip up the carpet and proceed with a temporary floor in the cake room. I cannot tell you how nice it's been to be able to work in there! Rather than it being a room that served no real purpose, I've been able to record an entire course, teach some live online classes, and finish out all my custom orders in there.

The purple floors have been fun, but it's time to move on before we end up hating them. I'd love to know what future residents of our home will think when/if they rip up the flooring and find purple subfloors beneath. 😂

Stay tuned for how our new hardwoods look in there! I can't wait!

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