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Ashley's Purple Apron


Ch-Ch-Changes! A new look, a new name. I loved the name Crazy Cakes KC, but as the business has grown 2 things became apparent. I wanted a more personal name, and I wanted to let go of the Kansas City portion.


Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the city my family and I call home, and I will to continue to make custom cakes for my lovely customers here. However, with the addition of classes and an upcoming blog launch, a name change was in order. I've called my classes Purple Apron from the start, so the choice of the name was obvious to me when I began considering a change.

So there you have it. This scary, brave thing that I'm doing. I'm changing the name of the brand that I've spent years building, but after much prayer and deliberation, I know that this is the right direction for the future of my business. Thanks for sticking around!


Look, I've been making cakes for a while now, and there's something in particular that I've noticed. Something that tugs on my heart, and I feel like it's something I have the power to change. I'm looking at you my fellow moms! We celebrate our kids, our husbands, even our own parents. But who is celebrating you? What do you do for your own birthday? That's what I thought.


Mommas, let's start showing ourselves some love. Let's celebrate the fact that God gave us another year on this earth. Let me help!


I'm introducing a new program lovingly called Mini Cakes for Moms. This idea came to me after making my own birthday cake for the last few years. Why? Because I wanted something pretty that was just for me. A way for my family and I to take a moment to celebrate my birthday. 


So now you may be thinking "But Ashley, how EXACTLY does this work?"


Well, this program is exclusively for existing customers. Specifically ones that have ordered within the last 12 months. Minimum dollar amounts do not apply to these orders, but they are subject to availability on the calendar and must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. They're usually an all buttercream design, serving up to 12 people, but as little as 5-8.

You can order this cake yourself, or you can send me ideas privately and tell your spouse or your bestie or your mom or dad to place the order. Seriously. I want to help! Whatever makes it easier for you to celebrate yourself even a little bit. You deserve it!

Mini Cakes for Moms
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