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Ashley Falkner, Crazy Cakes KC

Our Story

Hi there! I'm Ashley Falkner, wife of a man in blue, mom to three adorable littles, and a self taught cake artist. I spent nearly 10 years making cakes as a hobby, but could deny my passion for confectionary art no more and Crazy Cakes KC was born!


As a home-based baker, I love getting to create edible art for my customers and I'm always looking for the next challenge. Let's face it though, if it doesn't taste good, what's the point? That's why, I've spent countless hours perfecting all of my cake and frosting recipes, ensuring I deliver only the best looking AND tasting cakes to my customers. My favorite feedback is when I hear "it tasted just as good as it looked!"


As my business has continued to grow, I began offering classes (online and hands-on) to better serve my people. With that came the need to move away from my beloved Crazy Cakes KC name. In 2018, we made the switch to Ashley's Purple Apron to better reflect our current business. 


I could not have done any of this without my amazing customers (near and far), and I am forever grateful!


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